Encouraging and supporting tourism plays an important role in the economic development of a country, and can provide a significant contribution to GDP. This enhances social infrastructure, and encourages service provision and business development. Investing-in and supporting these industries is paramount to our future, both locally and internationally.


Understanding the diversity of cultural practices and different jurisdictional issues when managing cross-border transactions, deals, or communications is at the forefront of the tourism industry. We know that the commercial relationships our clients create locally and abroad are crucial to the development of their brand, and our experience in this industry allows us to effectively manage and resolve issues within this realm.

Our team is specialised in overseeing any element of touristic and hotel management’s legal or financial services, and we are also proud to specialise in tourism law both locally and abroad. We can advise on competition, human resources and employment, planning and purchasing, and we always work alongside you with your brand and vision at the centre of decision making.

We offer tailored advice to some of the largest tourist agencies in Cyprus. Our dynamic team offer pragmatic advice in matters regarding travel agency law, aviation law, travel package regulations, and hotel liabilities and regulations. We manage cases on behalf of the Cyprus Tourism Organization; the semi-governmental organization responsible for the promotion of tourism in Cyprus, and vital to supporting our flourishing economy.

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