EU & Competition

Regional, multilateral and bilateral trade agreements create as many complexities as they do freedoms. Understanding how to navigate these agreements and levels of legislation and rules can open doorways of opportunity for both global and domestic agreements and enterprise.

We are dedicated to working within a contemporary, globalised world, and we value our European Union and International clients just as much as those at home. Our pragmatic approach and application of our knowledge of overeaching EU law to every case we undertake, means we can take your business or personal ventures beyond the shores of Cyprus, and operate on transnational levels.

Already working with a broad spectrum of clients based from within the EU, our firm handles all inquiries and cases with the provision of detailed and succinct information. We ensure each and every client is aware of any implications of overarching EU law in both domestic litigation cases, and in any global agreements or transactions they wish to undertake. We can guide you through the process, and we foresee any barriers or red-tape you may encounter.

We have a multitude of experience in representing clients before the Commission for the Protection of Competition, and we also have particular expertise in dealing with matters of concentration, having advised many high-profile clients both locally and internationally. Our teams are proficient in English, Greek and French, and are sensitive to negotiations within culturally different legal systems.

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